8 things to do after installing the new Linux mint 18

Still awed by the beautiful Linux mint? Yup, take a minute to soak it in.

Linux Mint has always been an absolute delight to work with. The smooth animations and elegance of Cinnamon 3 just take it to the next level. Linux Mint team has always given preference to quality over anything. And they have struck the masterchord once again.

So, here I’ve put together a small list of tips, tweaks and software installations to give a superboost to your Linux mint 18. Let’s go.

1. Check out the new
Linux Mint 18 is a start to something new. It’s based on the newest Ubuntu 16.04 with the latest Kernel and also features the new Cinnamon 3. So take a moment and just explore. New cool themes, New artwork, New animations. God, I’m in love.

2. Updates
Check out the new update manager. LM 18 makes it easier to choose upgrades. No backport no unstable hassle. Just select one of the 3 policies and You’re good to go(You’re preference).

Then install the last minute updates (around 340 MB) to make Mint shinier. Don’t skip this step though.
I think the policy selection step is pretty good and will be absolutely helpful to home users as I see a rapid growth in Mint home users around me.

3. Media codecs
The last version of mint came with codecs installed. LM 18 didn’t. But I got you brah. Just type “codec” in the menu and click on the Install media codecs options and wait till it fetches all the tunes and chords.
Now play the Titanic theme song and just gaze at Mint. Just gaze.

4. Drivers
Open the driver manager. Now get all the recommended drivers, especially your graphics drivers. You just made Your PC faster, stronger, better.

5. Themes
Check out the new dark, darker themes or get that Minty theme or the Numix one. Man they’ve got a selection. Personalize. Change that wallpaper, don’t forget to check out the new wallpaper pack.

6. Icons
Choose from the wide range of icons sets out there. I prefer numix circle, as they go pretty pretty with the cinnamon and also have a huge set of icons.

Here’s how you get them.
Open the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and copy paste commands below one by one.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install numix-icon-theme-circle

Done! Now open themes and change the icons from the menu.

7. Software Manger
Open that software manager and get all your stuff before You start adding other PPAs. Get Your launchers, docks, Steam and all Your toys. Software manager on mint is organized very well and you can browse and get the tools to suit your need.

8. Backup
I know you may be like “But dude, I installed Mint 18 just now. Why do I need to backup?”
I hear you buddy. But, now that you got your Mint 18 up and running, all your drivers, software, themes and stuff installed, You should backup the whole OS in case you break it and want to avoid going through the whole process again. Enter Timeshift. Timeshift is like the system restore of Windows but much better and effective. Timeshift makes a copy of your whole OS with all its drivers, home folder, settings, installed software and stores it and you can restore this anytime.
You can restore it even from a live USB stick to your Hard drive. It’s a life saver.
Get Timeshift?

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install timeshift

Now You’re all set. Love Mint.
Huge thanks to the Linux Mint team for their passion and dedication to make computing a pleasure for us.

Visit the official Linux Mint website to get Linux Mint 18 for free.

Found the tips to be helpful? Or got some of your own? Do share.

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