Monday, 23 May 2016

Another LINUX vs Windows Post

Did you know people at Google use Ubuntu. Yes, all the computers in all the google offices run on the Ubuntu OS. Need more reason to try Ubuntu? 

Free... Got Your attention. Didn't I?
Ubuntu is a completely free to download OS. No, its not another linux varient built by a group of college kids. Ubuntu is funded by Mark Shuttleworth (He's like super rich and went to space and also is building his own Iron man suit)

Most of all the softwares on Ubuntu are free. People using Ubuntu dont know what a licence code is. And Ubuntu has all the apps from VLC to WhatsApp. FileZilla to Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor. It has them all.

And did I tell you about the Ubuntu software center?

It's like the play store. But for PC. Just type in the name of the software you want and click on install. The software is downloaded and installed. Its that easy. All your favorite chrome apps like pocket, journey, angry birds and much more make ubuntu software collection much bigger.

Also Ubuntu is much faster than windows and does not get slow as it gets old. It has a better startup time. Better application launch time.
What else.. You don't need an antivirus, a cleaner, a disk defragmenter... Yup, zero maintainance effort. Why? I told you its cool.
(Linux virus are very rare and are usually patched up very fast. Ubuntu uses the ext4 file system which doesn't need defragmenting.)

Linux Operating Sytems are built primarily taking into consideration the security and integrity of the OS. Virus and malware are not a problem.( I've been using Ubuntu from around 2 years and know a lot of people who use it and am still to hear about a virus on ubuntu). All the software run in low privilage mode. Means they can't damage the OS.

You can install ubuntu on your pen drive and use it to boot into Ubuntu. Plug and play baby. Ubuntu offers the options to
  1. Install Ubuntu along with Windows.
  2. or replace windows
  3. install windows on pendrive.( Plug in the pendrive and turn on your PC and it'll boot into Ubuntu. Pull out the pendrive and you have your old OS back.

Cannonical releases a new version of Ubuntu every 9 months. They build it on the latest release of the linux. So Ubuntu doesn't just have a cutting edge. It has the bleeding edge. Major graphics card vendors like Nvidia and AMD provide driver support to Ubuntu OS. And ubuntu has now also released its mobile and tablet OS. More on that later.

Ubuntu has a very large community. Most people using Ubuntu are like extra smart (I've been using Ubuntu from a long time) are very helpful. Any question, Any doubt and you'll see that it has been already addressed on the Ask Ubuntu. If not, them Ask Ubuntu folks are very fast at solving problems Son.

All this said. Ubuntu is a sheer delight to use and it's very hard not to fall in love with it. Its unity interface is absolutely gorgeous. It comes preloaded with almost all the basic softwares and is very lite( 998mb). So go ahead and download the OS.
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